Buddy Guy – Sweet Home Chicago

Buddy Guy is one of the most celebrated blues guitarists of his generation (and arguably the most celebrated), possessing a sound and style that embodied the traditions of classic Chicago blues while also embracing the fire and flash of rock & roll. Guy spent much of his career as a well-regarded journeymen, cited as a modern master by contemporary blues fans but not breaking through to a larger audience, before he finally caught the brass ring in the 1990s and released a series of albums that made him one of the biggest blues acts of the day, a seasoned veteran with a modern edge. And few guitarists of any genre have enjoyed the respect of their peers as Guy has, with such giants as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Mark Knopfler all citing him as a personal favorite. ( lifted from AllMusic.com)

First time I have gone to a concert where I was so close I could actually see the movement of the fingers on the guitar. Buddy makes you feel like he knows you personally. Took my husband, 19 year old son and his girlfriend who had a bit of apprehension with blues. The smile on their faces, the dancing with the songs, the continual talk of how wonderful Buddy is after the concert was worth every minute.
Buddy captures your soul with his stories, his sweet smile, and his incredible talent. His band members have just as much fun as he does and are amazing. (Buddy Guy – Something no one should miss!)

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